A trustworthy, secure and evolvable Future Internet Architecture



Slide Presentations



  • Video posted by Dhruv Arya, University of Pennsylvania. The Zodiac Routing Protocol constitutes the control plane for Nebula and uses as its dataplane.

  • Video of Stephen Wolff's presentation on NEBULA at the 26th NORDUnet Conference, Reykjavik; June 7-9, 2011


  • Building the future internet
    Stevens Institute of Technology site highlighting the cryptography work of Antonio R. Nicolosi for the NEBULA project.

  • Cornell site highlighting resident NEBULA work.
  • TCPR (TCP Recovery)
    Created by Cornell researchers Robert Surton, Ken Birman, Tudor Marian and Robbert van Renesse as part of NEBULA, TCPR is a tool to help applications recover their TCP connections after crashing or migrating.
  • Illinois Cloud Computing: Nebula Project
    University of Illinois site highlighting resident NEBULA work.

  • University of Washington page for NEBULA work.